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About ChromaGen™
ChromaGen™ is patented, trademarked and FDA Cleared. The patented diagnostic system is used by trained professionals for the management of Academic Skills Disorder (ASD™). ASD™ is an umbrella term that includes dyslexia, color deficiency, dyspraxia (lack of coordination; clumsiness), and other learning related difficulties. In some cases, ChromaGen has also been known to help migraine sufferers. ChromaGen is a system of eight colored haploscopic filters of a known density and color hue which, when prescribed to sufferers of ASD™, has been proven to improve these disorders.

Chromagen was developed by David Harris at the Corneal Laser Center for Color Blindness at Clatterbridge Hospital in Cheshire, England. Dr. Chaaban Zeidan, an optometrist from Tamworth, England together with Cantor & Nissel further developed ChromaGen for dyslexia, resulting in patent approval in 1997. Chromagen Europe is the official European and Worldwide distributor of Chromagen and ChromaGen USA is the official USA and CANADA distributor of ChromaGen products through Chromagen Europe. (not in UK & Europe)

Buy Chromagen Contact Lenses for Color Blindness

Chromagen Contact Lenses

Buy Chromagen Contact Lenses,
pay with Paypal or through Bank Transfer.

Unlike other programs, ChromaGen offers a range of eight colored filters, as opposed to other lenses such as X-chrom and ColorMax, which only offer lenses for those with red/green color blindness and are not FDA approved. This product is available with a prescription in both spectacle and contact lens modality exclusively through ChromaGen USA.

“The Chromagen™ system of lenses has been awarded Millennium Product status [by the Design Council in Britain] to recognize forward thinking, challenging, creative and innovative products,” and “highlights the best of British inventions.”

Chromagen™ and Dyslexia
Reading discomfort often referred to as dyslexia is a condition in which affected people are unable to “grasp the meaning of written or printed words and sentences” or “to read more than a few lines with understanding.” It is believed that Dyslexia could be a visual disorder as well as a neurological disorder due to Magnocellular system abnormality. Problems can show themselves in reading, writing, number work, short-term memory, hand control and visual processing. Timekeeping, sense of direction and interpersonal skills can also be affected. Approximately 16 percent of the over 292 million people in the United States are affected by some form of reading disorder that cannot be corrected by optical correction (powered lenses).

“In trials, the ChromaGen lens system has been shown to be of benefit to those dyslexics who suffer from the perceptual distortion of text that makes reading more difficult. These distortions include blurring (that cannot be corrected by refraction), movement of the letters or words, shimmering to the page, the words sinking into the white background of the page, pattern glare, and patterns formed by the spaces between words and lines that interfere with reading. Although ChromaGen is a symptomatic treatment and the underlying neurological condition remains unchanged, in the majority of these patients the ease of reading is improved.” Results of an in-office study performed by Dr. Zeidan indicate that 91% of 434 patients showed over a 45% improvement in speed-reading and writing abilities over a 6-month period. Neuroscientist Professor John Stein has estimated that using the special colored filters of ChromaGen™ could help approximately one in three people who suffer from visual dyslexia, or reading discomfort.

ChromaGen is a unique system of colored lenses for dyslexia. It provides a quick and reliable screening test for visual dyslexia. When the patient selects the right color combination during the assessment an immediate improvement can be experienced including clearer text, ease of reading and word and number recognition. As a result, text typically becomes clearer and stays still on the page.

Dyslexic users of ChromaGen have reported:

“When I read, I don’t miss lines out as I used to and this means I am faster at reading. And when I write I don’t miss out words.” – Thomas (age 7)

“My speed of reading increased at once and I was able to read without so much fatigue. The glare off the page had gone and my eyes were soothed.” – Linda (age 46)

“Instead of seeing a mass of undecipherable text, I can now see the individual words.” – Sonsoles Herras (age 40), Madrid

ChromaGen and Colour Deficiency
Color deficiency, also known as color blindness, is an optical condition in which affected people have a deficiency in one or more of the primary colors (red, green, or blue) recognized through the retina. There are approximately 3.5 million people afflicted with color blindness in the United States. Ten percent of males and 0.6 to 0.8 percent of women are color deficient. Color deficiencies can be grouped into the following categories: Deutrans (lack in green receptors), Protans (lack in red receptors), Tritans (lack in blue receptors), Monochromatics (sees only 1 pigment), and Achromatics (has no functioning cones). Defective color vision can range from near-normal ability to distinguish colors, where typically the chemical for seeing red or green is slightly altered, to a high degree of confusion, where the chemical balance is considerably altered.

In trials, over 97% of color blind people reported a significant enhancement to their color vision and their everyday lives. For people suffering from color deficiency or 'color blindness', ChromaGen haploscopic filters work by changing the wavelength of each color going into one or both eyes, which enhances color perception and color discrimination. Improved color vision may also lead to improved safety through earlier identification of hazard warning lights and brake lights on the roads.

ChromaGen™ users with colour deficiency testify:
“I realized that some cars I thought were black were navy blue or dark green. As I looked around, it was as if colors popped out at me, especially orange, pink and fuchsia. I will be able to see colors I was lacking.” – Nick A., New York

“I used to think I had a genetic defect that just couldn’t be helped. Now I see everything in a new light. Flowers are just so astonishingly beautiful they take your breath away.” – A. Bristol, GP

How ChromaGen Works
It is believed that, in reading disorders, there is a problem with the magnocellular pathway or 'wiring circuit' to the brain. The magnocellular pathway consists of large nerve cells that form a path from the eye to the brain. It is thought that these pathways differ in people with reading disorders from those without reading disorders.

“The magnocellular system carries important information about timing and, if incorrectly formed, can scramble the information passed between the eyes and the brain – just like two fax machines that are not quite communicating correctly. This results in the blurring and distortion to writing that many dyslexics notice, and which others may experience but do not realize is abnormal.”

The fitting of ChromaGen lenses helps re-synchronize and selectively changes the speed of the information in the pathways to enable sufferers to improve their reading ability, handwriting and spelling.

In cases of color deficiency, ChromaGen changes the level of each color going into the non-dominant eye and, in some cases, both the dominant and non-dominant eye, enabling enhanced color perception and color discrimination.

ChromaGen’s eight tints are available in spectacle and contact lenses that are plano or prescription. In cases where only one eye needs to be treated, one treated ChromaGen lens has provided similar beneficial results. The examination process allows patients of any age to experience the benefits of ChromaGen. All ChromaGen lenses are only available through ChromaGen USA (

ChromaGen™ Spectacles
Available lens parameters are single vision, astigmatic and multifocal. To hide the tinted lens, a neutral grey finish is available so that the best cosmetic effect is achieved.

Spectacles are of benefit for those patients experiencing ASD™ as they are only needed when reading or studying, whereas contact lenses are worn consistently.

Spectacle blanks are available for frames authorized by ChromaGen USA. Marchon frames are the Authorized Frames of Choice, including Calvin Klein, DKNY, Fendi, Michael Kors, Coach, Nautica, Nike, Flexon, X Games, and Disney.

ChromaGen Contact Lenses
ChromaGen’s lenses are Benz 55% water material and the tinted area is only the pupil area of 5, 6 or 7 mm with a standard BC of 8.60mm in 14.5 diameter. Single vision and toric contacts are available.

Contact lenses are cosmetically beneficial, as the pupil of the lenses is tinted, and in most cases this tinting is undetectable.

ChromaGen™ Exam Kits
The ChromaGen Diagnostic System is available only to Licensed Practitioners that have completed and received their official guild certification for ChromaGen. It comprises a full range of diagnostic filters and a 25 contact lens trial set in the same colors as the filters. This offers a choice of density of color and of tint diameter (5mm, 6mm & 7mm) to ensure optimum performance from the chosen hue. This kit is sanctioned for the testing of both ChromaGen spectacle and contact lens use.

ChromaGen USA will distribute a special Detection Kit. This kit will be available for the layperson, school workers, hospitals, and other individuals or companies that would like to be able to test for ASD™. The use of this kit will allow the user to determine whether ChromaGen will benefit the individual being tested. Once tested, the user will be able to refer the individual to a certified ChromaGen Practitioner for further testing.

Support for Practitioners
Practitioners of the ChromaGen haploscopic filter system are required to attend training seminars. Seminars will provide training into the techniques and subtleties needed to properly use the ChromaGen system. Guild Certified Practitioners will receive ChromaGen Certification and will be able to test and prescribe the necessary lenses for their patients.

Once a practitioner has been certified, there will be ongoing professional seminars available. An ongoing professional back up service will be available to Certified Practitioners.

Chromagen™ Certification
Only qualified doctors who are certified through factory trained specialists can dispense ChromaGen. Only Chromagen™ Europe is authorized to screen and refer practitioners. Each and every Certified Practitioner must purchase a special examination kit and agree to special conditions to safeguard the patent.

Certified Practitioners will have exclusive rights to dispense other Cantor & Nissel products, such as unique fashion contact lenses and prosthetic lenses.


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